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Von Der Leyen Kinder
Von Der Leyen Kinder

Von Der Leyen Kinder -She has held positions as Minister for Family Affairs, Labor, and Defense in addition to her current position as President of the European Commission and mother to seven kids. How do you know Ursula von der Leyen? A representation of the CDU woman.

They certainly fit the bill of a political heavyweight. Ursula von der Leyen is the head of the European Commission, which is the most influential organization in Europe. The CDU lawmaker passed through a number of phases on her route there.

It’s impressive to read her biography. Since the EU Commission President does not just belong to a different political category, In her personal life, she also defies social conventions. Take her total of seven children, for instance. The most significant facts of the politician are revealed in the portrait:

Her name already suggests it, but it is only partially accurate because Ursula von der Leyen married into a noble family rather than being descended from one. Her husband Heiko is from the affluent von der Leyen family of the Moselle region.

The Albrecht family, which includes members who work in government, business, and politics, is another prominent family that Ursula von der Leyen hails from. So, in a sense, her career as a politician may be said to have been inherited. Ernst Albrecht, her father, served as Lower Saxony’s previous premier.

Five brothers and one sister, who passed away from cancer at the age of eleven, precede Ursula von der Leyen.

Ursula von der Leyen makes every effort to keep her personal affairs discreet. Because of this, hardly much is known about her despite holding a prominent office. Ursula von der Leyen and her family have resided on her father’s estate in the Hanover area town of Burgdorf-Beinhorn since 2007.

( Von Der Leyen Kinder : Sophie von der Leyen(Tochter von Ursula von der Leyen),Gracia von der Leyen(Tochter von Ursula von der Leyen),David von der Leyen(Sohn von Ursula von der Leyen),Johanna von der Leyen(Tochter von Ursula von der Leyen),Egmont von der Leyen,Maria Donata von der Leyen(Tochter von Ursula von der Leyen),Victoria von der Leyen(Tochter von Ursula von der Leyen) )

Is Ursula von der Leyen wealthy? And how much money does a commission president make in reality? Her net worth is reportedly in the neighborhood of 3 million euros, according to She makes 32,500 euros a month as the Commission President, therefore the 64-year-old should make almost 390,000 euros a year. Other media outlets, like focusonline, stray from this projected income and use it to a lesser extent.

The President of the European Commission has really picked an odd combination of her subjects: first, economics, then archaeology, and ultimately, medicine. It should be noted, too, that she only pursued archaeology for a year before switching to economics and enrolling at the Universities of Göttingen and Münster.

Under a false name, she began attending the London School of Economics and Political Science in 1978. The threat that the RAF at the time posed to her family served as the backdrop for the alias.

Von Der Leyen Kinder

She enrolled at the Hannover Medical School in 1980 and finished her studies there in 1987, receiving her medical license and passing the state exam. After that, she performed medical assistant duties in the university’s women’s clinic.

In 1992, she and her five children moved with her husband, who had been attending Stanford University for six years. Ursula von der Leyen resided with her family in California from 1992 to 1996.

Ursula von der Leyen originally stuck to her academic career after her return and worked as a research assistant in the Epidemiology, Social Medicine and Health Research Department at the MHH until 2002.

The third of seven children, Ursula Albrecht was born on October 8, 1958, in Brussels. From the moment her first child was born, her mother, Heidi Adele Albrecht (née Strohmeyer), a doctor of German studies, gave her full attention to the family. Ernst Albrecht, an economist, spent his whole career working for the European Communities.

Ursula Albrecht studied a number of foreign languages while she was a student at the European School in Brussels from 1964 to 1971. The family relocated from Brussels to Ilten near Hanover when Ernst Albrecht received a mandate for the CDU in the state elections of Lower Saxony in 1970. Ernst Albrecht unexpectedly rose to the position of Lower Saxony’s prime minister six years later, a position he held until 1990. The family started getting more media coverage at this point as well.

In the Albrecht family, hard work and academic study were valued educational objectives. The parents did not distinguish between the girl Ursula and her brothers in this regard. The fact that her father instilled in his kids a favorable awareness of politics was also influential on the future politician. She stated that, looking back, she always had “this urge to mold, modify, and enhance something in the country.”

She received a “very good” on her Abitur at the Lehrte high school for math and science. Her next economics studies took place at Göttingen, Münster, and London. She switched her field after three years and started studying medicine in Hannover because she wanted “more to do with people.” She obtained her license to practice medicine after passing the state exam in this subject in 1987.

Heiko von der Leyen, a physician, and the young doctor wed in 1986. The couple had seven kids between 1987 and 1999. Ursula von der Leyen started out during this time period as an assistant physician; in 1991, she was elevated to the rank of Dr. medical PhD. She resided at Stanford, California, with her family between 1992 and 1996.

As a visiting student at Stanford University, Von der Leyen made use of this time to further her knowledge. For the hospital administration of Stanford Health Services, she carried out a market analysis. She started postgraduate studies in 1997, following the relocation of her family to Germany, and earned a Masters in Public Health in 2001. At the Hannover Medical School, she later worked as a research assistant in the department of epidemiology, social medicine, and health medicine research.

Von Der Leyen Kinder
Von Der Leyen Kinder