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Mutter Und Kind Sterben Bei Geburt
Mutter Und Kind Sterben Bei Geburt

Mutter Und Kind Sterben Bei Geburt – The top public prosecutor in Bayreuth, Herbert Potzel, told our editorial staff that the Erlangen report exonerates the doctors and clinic of any responsibility for the terrible incident. Of course, this offers the father no solace.

Robby Handschuh, who, by his own admission, only learned of the report via the media, is unable to comprehend the outcome. The office of the public prosecutor has requested a second impartial report. This is standard procedure for these types of inquiries.

This second report’s outcome is still pending: However, Potzel adds, “That might take another two weeks.” Meanwhile, Robby Handschuh received more bad news: “I’ll be out of a job starting in March.” He now desires to consult a psychologist.

He refuses to give up despite the fact that life has frequently knocked him around, he has made poor choices, and he has “fallen flat on his face”. Before the disaster in the delivery room, everything was going smoothly. He would have been pleased to become a parent.

“I have no idea why I am still so strong.” The voice of Robby Handschuh is strong but muted. When he talks about the worst day of his life, there is suddenly nothing to envelop his words. It was the day that his small family was scheduled to expand. the day he miserably failed.

The 36-year-old and his soon-to-be bride Regina travel to the Kulmbacher Klinikum ten days before the anticipated birth date. They were excited about their future as a trio while the contractions started at home in Weidenberg.

He remembers that the birth went off without a hitch. He adds, “I even severed the umbilical cord.” However, the infant is not breathing, and the medical staff is still attempting to revive tiny Ferdinand. Vain. Regina runs into problems as Robby Glove is with his deceased child to bid him farewell.

She needs an operation, and shortly after, she passes away. Hours later, when he gets the message, he becomes the center of attention. He is unable to comprehend it, much less believe it. Pastors, crisis workers, and other individuals appeared all of a sudden all around me.

What is being said at the Kulmbacher Klinikum? Initial reports of the birth were positive, according to a statement. Director Brigitte Angermann underlines that the expecting mother was attended to by a highly skilled team of midwives and doctors.

as soon as she entered the delivery room, and that it was the only birth that occurred at that time. The clinic delivers about 750 infants yearly. Benno Lex, the senior doctor at the women’s clinic, adds that “the team’s utmost attention was given to this delivery.”

“We had a really strong crew at the time. Unfortunately, there are some cases when even doctors are powerless to help.” After the unfortunate death of the mother and child, the clinic itself summoned the police. According to managing director Brigitte Angermann.

in the case of fatalities with unknown causes. The chief of the anesthesiology and surgical acute care clinic, Peter Moratin, says, “Of course, determining the reason of death is also very crucial to us. Since that day, Robby Glove has had trouble sleeping because he simply cannot get the images.

of his deceased loved ones out of his thoughts. Everything in the apartment is completely set up, and the first romper is prepared in the tiny bed, he claims. Every time he passes it, his heart aches. Plans for a house were already in the drawer because Regina and he planned to get married soon.

Mutter Und Kind Sterben Bei Geburt

It will take some time for me to realize I’m alone, he predicts. Hospital patients were also impacted.The scope of this beautiful incident is difficult to fathom. This also holds true for our most seasoned medical professionals and midwives, “Brigitte Angermann explains.

The hospital staff as a whole was affected by the death of the mother and child.
The managing director requests your patience, saying, “We plead. According to Jürgen Stadter, a spokesman for the police headquarters in Upper Franconia, the criminal police have officially begun their investigation.

The autopsies of the mother and the infant were mandated by the public prosecutor. As requested by the media, Jochen Götz, the press secretary, stated that the autopsy’s findings were not yet ready on Friday. Handschuh asserts, “If errors have been made, they must be revealed.”

His friends are a fantastic source of encouragement for him; they have stood by him ever since and have even established a fundraising for him. Regina was constantly in awe of his strength and resilience in the face of adversity. And in recent years, there have been a handful of those.

But life must somehow continue, he adds. It’s still not apparent exactly what happened. The inquiries are still ongoing. When questioned, the public prosecutor stated that the authorities must continue to wait for the autopsy reports. These might not be accessible for a few weeks, though.

His human pain cannot be taken away from him by anyone. Through “Franconia help Franconia,” anyone who wishes to provide Robby Handschuh with financial assistance during the trying days leading up to Christmas may do so. Giving account Please send your donation to this address.

When making the transfer, be sure to mention Robby Glove as a reference. Tax deductions apply to your donation. Please include your address in the intended usage field or contact if you want a donation receipt.

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“Franken helfen Franken” for those in need. Since the association’s founding in 2009, more than 450 000 euros have been dispersed. Jeder, der Robby Handschuh in den schwierigen Tagen vor Weihnachten finanziell unterstützen möchte, kann dies tun.

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Mutter Und Kind Sterben Bei Geburt